{Gold} Hestia & Demeter Pin Pack
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{Gold} Hestia & Demeter Pin Pack

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The Greek goddesses of the fire and land, now available in GOLD!

In celebration of OSP's 10-year anniversary this December – These pins feature a gold-colored metal framing around the enamel, giving off a radiant and ~fancy~ vibe.

The pin-backing features two attachment points with rubber clasps, for a sturdy hold on your attire, jacket, bag, or pin-board.

These pins have been pre-made in a fixed inventory, and will soon be in stock at the Crowdmade distribution center. They're expected to ship at the end of the month.

This is a special run for a very special occasion, and we don't have any plans to make these golden pins again. So if you want ‘em, they’re available from now until the end of Cyber Monday, and that's it.

Get your Golden Gods today!


This product estimates to ship last week of November!

  • Official Overly Sarcastic Productions merch
  • Ships worldwide
This product estimates to ship last week of November!
  • 1 inch enamel pin
  • 5x8 cm backing card
  • Butterfly clutch fastener on backside
No sizing information available.

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