Connect With Crowdmade

We're glad you're interested in working together! The next step is to authenticate via your YouTube account, but before that happens we want to explain a bit about what information we'll be collecting, and why. 

When it comes to your YouTube account, there are three main pieces of information that we're looking for.

Your Channel ID

We need to verify you are the owner of your channel.

Your Contact Email Address

We use this to get in touch with you.

Your Historical Channel Statistics

When analyzing your historical channel statistics we look for metrics around subscriber counts, viewership, and viewer engagement to determine if our services are a good fit. 

Statistics are important, but at Crowdmade there are more important qualities we look for:

  • A creator who is committed to communication with us
  • A creator who cares about making great merch, not just monetizing 
  • Someone who is ready and willing to promote their brand and consider feedback we may provide throughout the course of our relationship together

Let's Get Started!

Once you sign in with YouTube, we'll review your inquiry within 2 business days and respond to you with next steps.