Glad you asked! We're a small team who partner together with creators to produce high quality merchandise for their fans. We believe in supporting creators to create the content they love and connect with the fans that love them. We do our best to handle all of the work involved in creating, selling, fulfilling, and supporting merchandise sales so our creators can focus on making great content.

If you need help with an order please visit our support portal first. After you lookup your order you'll be able to submit customer service requests to us. You can reach our support portal here, or use the link provided in your order confirmation email to skip straight to your specific order help page. By using our portal we're able to get you the fastest resolution by knowing all of the details of your order as soon as you contact us.  

If you are unsatisfied with your item simply return it to us within 14 days of receiving the item in like-new condition for a full refund. You can review our return policy here.

If it has been less than 24 hours since you made your purchase you can cancel your item through our help portal. You'll need to look up your order with your order# and email address. Alternatively you can use the link in your order confirmation email to skip through the order lookup tool.  

Unfortunately if it has been more than 24 hours since you ordered your item we can no longer cancel it. This is due to the nature of our made-to-order model. After the 24 hour period our systems have begun to process your orders and often cannot stop the production of your item.

Once you receive your item you may contact customer service to return it. You can view our return policy here.

All of our merchandise is made-to-order so our creators don't have to hold inventory. This means your order is printed when you order it. Made-to-order reduces waste, but also increases production and ship times. Depending on the type of item manufacturing times vary:

Our limited edition items are special, time based campaigns that are made once. Production of these items begin after the campaign ends so it may take a few weeks for your item to be printed depending on when you ordered it. Occasionally we are able to begin production before the campaign ends to speed up production. If you ordered a limited edition item you'll receive email updates on when your order enters production. From there it can take 2 weeks or more to complete printing depending on the type of print and how complex it is.  

Unlike most limited edition items, digital printed items begin printing very shortly after you place your order. These items are printed and shipped individually and usually take 3-5 days from the time you order your item until it ships out. Please refer to the product page of the item you're interested in to determine the estimated ship time.

All of our items are proudly printed here in the United States

We do our best to make sure you get exactly what you ordered. If there is an issue with your order we will have it reprinted and reshipped even if it was a limited edition item that is no longer available. This of course is at no charge to you. If you have an issue with your order please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our support portal.