Official EZD6 GOOGLOW Dice
Official EZD6 GOOGLOW Dice
Official EZD6 GOOGLOW Dice

Official EZD6 GOOGLOW Dice

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From the eerie depths of EZD6 come this amazing goo glow 4D6 set.

Each die contains a tiny ecosystem of witch's moss, poison pond kelp, and bio-luminescent fungal pods. Charge them up with sunlight for glow-in-the-dark that really lasts, OR bathe them in UV ‘black light’ for a crazy luminous experience.

Dice show as dark green in normal light, with white digits. In UV light, the dice glow neon green, and the digits turn dark purple. Yes, it's awesome.

A must for the true EZD6 fan! Be sure to check out more of #pastel.perception on Instagram... she makes great dice!

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