Two Fish Dancing - Hoodie
Two Fish Dancing - Hoodie
Two Fish Dancing - Hoodie
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Two Fish Dancing - Hoodie

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Introducing my very first product a unique hoodie featuring two fish dancing together. This design holds significant symbolism, drawing inspiration from the yin-yang concept, the duality of spirits, and the interplay between good and evil. However, beyond these deeper meanings, this hoodie holds a special place in my heart as it reflects an important aspect of my life, my personality, and my personal growth.

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Size Body Length Chest Sleeve Length
S 28" 42" 24"
M 29" 46" 24"
L 30" 50" 24"
XL 31" 54" 24"
2XL 32" 58" 23.5"
3XL 33" 62" 23"

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