PK251 Flame T Men&
PK251 Flame T Men&
PK251 Flame T Men&
PK251 Flame T Men&
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This is the official PK251 Flame T-Shirt, having a nostalgia new design made by Pixel exclusively for this line of merchandise. A dazzling blend between the flame from the channel back in 2018, and the minimalistic white crown of 2023's rebranding. Any earnings are directly given to Pixel to support the channel.

  • Official PK251's Funny Fun Shop merch
  • Ships worldwide
This product is made to order and ships within 7-10 business days.
  • This is an Adult Unisex Shirt available in XS-5XL
  • Classic heavyweight fabric
  • 100% US sustainably grown and harvested cotton
Size Width (inches) Length (inches)
S 18 28
M 20 29
L 22 30
XL 24 31
2XL 26 32
3XL 28 33
4XL 30 34
5XL 32 35

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